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How We Work

We have traversed the globe to connect you with experiences that are led and operated by people building a network of tourism that benefits the environment and the communities of our destinations.

Through an intense research process, we find  excursions and accommodations that have a proven positive impact on the local natural environment and community, as well as meet our strict criteria.


Once we have several meetings, and when possible evaluate operations in person, Our Vintage Earth forms an equal partnership with our potential experiences where we can learn from each other to enhance the field.


Our audience of travelers are constantly seeking tours and stays that benefit our planet. We connect our experiences to travelers with ease, as well as host educational opportunities that break down the wall between tourists and operators.


Our Vintage Earth works with our experience partners to help raise funds for the continual regeneration of our partner's operations and support community education with initiatives led by the community.


OVE Background

We are working on building a network of experiences, and we need your help building a platform to share them with you. 

Schedule a call with our Founder, Yasmin Yusuff to learn how to invest in Our Vintage Earth.

We are a work in Progress.

Invest in the future of travel.

OVE Background

Our partners range from tours that are working on changing the face of ecotourism to companies making gourmet goods while providing humanitarian aid. Explore our current roster below.

Meet Our Partners

OVE Background

Our Vintage Earth

Travel experiences for the environmentally nostalgic.

OVE Background

Our Vintage Earth is an online booking platform where travelers can find experiences that have a proven positive impact on our planet and its inhabitants.

With every booking, a donation to a local nonprofit that has a similar mission to the experience or accommodation is made. We also offer handpicked goods in our online market that exist with a purpose of bettering the lands they are made on and the lives of people who make them, as well as consulting for companies that aim to be regenerative in the tourism industry.


Our ultimate goal is to help travelers reconnect with our planet and other cultures while also regenerating the destinations we operate in.

Who We Are

Find your environmental nostalgia.

OVE Background

Keep up with all our ongoing projects, and find out the next opportunity to meet and work with us.

We've got quite a few pins on our map.

OVE Background
OVE Background

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We're getting closer to sharing our community.

OVE Background

Internal Education

Your organization's path to regeneration begins from within. A series of educational workshops will help your team begin your story, and we will check in annually to aid your monitoring and evaluation process.

Path A

Experience Evaluation

Interested in regeneration for your excursion or accommodation but not sure where to begin? We'll provide a full evaluation and plan of action to assist. We will also create a self-evaluation analysis that you can continue for years to come.

Path B

Partner Path

If you're not currently meeting the criteria to partner with us but are determined to do so, we are committed to working with you to evaluate and revamp your company's operations and experiences with the goal of joining our partner community.

Path C

Community Relationship Development

A core value of regenerative tourism is community led initiatives. Let us be your mediator between your organization and the community you are looking to work beside to create experiences and projects for stakeholder benefit.

Path D

Our experts can help you on your journey to regeneration.

Our Vintage Earth Consulting

Travel safe with Wanderwell

A safe and worry-free journey is always a priority, for us and our travelers. That is why we are a Wanderwell travel insurance partner. You do not have to travel with us to use their services, and we encourage you to do so, for peace of mind while helping the planet.

Wanderwell is committed to environmental conservation and sustainable, regenerative business and travel practices. At least one percent of revenue from your purchase will be given to nonprofits in the 1% for the Planet member network.

Wanderwell and Our Vintage Earth share common values in promoting sustainable, responsible travel and tourism. At least one percent of your insurance purchase price will be given to the 1% for the Planet Impact Fund.

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